ART pistons

ART pistons



With high quality and functionality, our original “ART” pistons are working inside of many engines to fulfill functions such as improving comfort and safety that are required by vehicles, and to address global environmental issue. “ART” pistons, which are on the cutting edge of technology trends such as high mileage and high output power, are widely used for passenger cars, commercial cars, outboard engines, general-purpose engines, and race engines, and they are produced by our unique spirit of craftsmanship, and by our relentless R&D. We have high valuation in the global marketplace from the activities of the global sales promotion, and the overseas posting of technical engineers and sales engineers, as well as positive technological cooperation with overseas companies. We think that the mission of “ART” is to gain a high level of trust in the domestic and international piston markets through our one-step-ahead high technologies. Source:

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